Turin 2012: concerning and generating crisis. high rate of evictions for arrears. Kindergartens sold off and hundreds of temporary workers left home. Essential social services do not receive funding. With a high public debt due to nefarious Olympic-related choices and dangerous financial investments: which are gonna increase due to the High Speed Train.
In such situation one would expect that institutions have many things to worry about. They talk about the “real” problems of the city instead: occupations! Occupations to be criminalized, real estates sold out to raise cash, buildings cleared up to be put back into speculation cycle.

Gabrio was occupied in September 1994. For 18 years it has been a landmark for neighborhood and city. For 18 years, it has been “producing sociality”. In 18 years Turin city hall has been spending thousands of Euros in “aggregation” or “youth” projects .
We have seen these projects miserably wrecked and money being thrown away.
The Social Centre goes on with activities attracting hundreds of people every year.
among them, the “Dante Di Nanni” gym offers every day classes, from boxing to climbing, according to self-management model, against modern fitness logic and image worship.
The advisory services offer legal assistance (“sportello il-legale”) and health care (“micro-clinica Fatih”) to anyone who requests it regardless of gender, race and religion.
The housing rights service (“Sportello per il diritto alla casa”) addresses and solve eviction issues the “San Precario” point puts together precarious workers helping out to learn how to self-organize and create conflict within and outside the workplace. And yet the “infoshock” addresses the issue in a non-ideological prohibition. Up to the new spaces and projects such as the bike workshop “ri-Ciclofficina Senza Freni” and the collective garden “Terra Za(p)pata”.
Gabrio is a place where people organize themselves to respond to real social needs, but also a place for counter-culture. Over the years, more or less famous artists and bands have played on Gabrio’ stage and thousands of people have listened to music at a fair price and out of commercial channels.

Outside its walls, Gabrio turns occupation into political statement. That is why Gabrio supports family occupations (only four in the neighborhood), it struggles together and for immigrant rights, and, in the name of dignity, it is involved in many struggles against the arrogance of power.
In 1994 Gabrio was opened and returned to the neighbors, taken apart from developers’ speculation and bought back to life after the council had abandoned to weathering and decay. Since then the occupants have worked hard mitigating the risks of asbestos exposure, and, although they have been asking for proper remediation since 2004, they got no answer yet.
For all these reasons we ask the institution in charge to address the issue of asbestos in Gabrio responsibly safeguarding the self-management experience. We demand that the City of Turin and the prefecture do not instrumentally use public health for political purposes, to force the eviction of an “uncomfortable” social centre because it plays a leading role in social struggles.
Finally we ask for a remediation plan to be discussed and carried on with the participation of the occupants and neighbors.



To support Centro Sociale Gabrio and sign the petition please write to:


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  1. I came from UK to this centre to perform for the Italian People. it was so good to see people of all backgrounds and cultures together in one building enjoying themselves in a very peacefull manner. and a special place for them

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